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Some answers you may want to know about the services we offer

UX = User Experience
UI = User interface
Both UX & UI must be taken into consideration while designing any web interface, so that the user will have a comfortable, intuitive and a good experience from the online interface you would like to offer.

According to our vast experience in developing web based services and platforms, the best CMS by far is WordPress. We are defiantly not the only ones saying that, but we know it by working on all CMS platforms.
1. Can be installed on any serve
2. super flexible
3. best maintained platform code and security
4. a huge verity of 3rd party plugins for all types of micro services
5. easy to upgrade, add, change features , code and design
6. your website is yours and not managed under a closed environment.

API = Application programming Interface
= The protocol that can make one system “talk” to another.

There are various needs for web services/websites/web platforms to be able to integrate to other systems (one or more), to be able to transfer specific data from one system to another.

You may have a website (any size) that was developed on an other system or an old platforms. We can create the same website based on WordPress or even upgrade the design/modules while migrating, based on your current content.

Maintenance and support are very important.
it is right that you can do some by yourself, this is why WordPress is good.
But it is better to have a professional do it for you and you will have a peace of mind.

These are some of the ongoing needs that we take care for you:
1. Regular core platform updates, plugins updates, security updates are at least a weekly need if not more than that.
2. When updating, it is very important to check that your website did not break or had any issues, and if did, need to fix.
3. There is a need for daily backups for plenty of reasons and the ability to restore from backup.
4. Renewals of services – hosting, domain name, premium plugins all need renewals (yearly/monthly depends on the service)

Content Management = uploading and updating content in your website.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization
= The ability to optimize each part of your content so search engines will be able to digest the data and put you in an optimal location in related search results.

Content management and SEO you can do by yourself (we show you exactly how, where and when).
If you don’t have the time for that/there is no available function for that in your company/you are just interested for someone else to do that for you on a regular base, we can do that for you.

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